Preventive Dentistry In Oldsmar, FL

Keep Your Smile Healthy

With preventive care from Pine Avenue Smiles by Dr. Ricky Pan, you can keep your smile strong and healthy, and prevent common dental health issues.

Teeth Cleanings & Periodontal Gum Therapy
Exams & Oral cancer screenings
Fluoride treatments & dental sealants
Customized dental care

The Importance Of Preventive Care

Preventive care is one of the most important aspects of modern dentistry. The following are just a few of the many reasons that make preventive dental care so crucial to your overall health.

Save Time & Money

You can avoid common dental health problems like gingivitis and tooth decay, which saves you both time, money and pain.

Keep Your Smile Bright

Regular cleanings help prevent the buildup of surface stains, keeping your smile beautiful and reducing the risk of dental complications.

Get Peace Of Mind

With regular preventive visits, you’ll know you’re getting the care you need, and that your mouth is healthy.

"Professional,  dedicated, and caring staff that work together to provide the best overall care to maintain your dental health.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pan to provide any dental services anyone would need at a reasonable price."

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fluoride treatment

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments use a highly-concentrated fluoride gel or varnish to help remineralize and strengthen your teeth. This varnish is applied by Dr. Pan directly to your teeth after a cleaning. It is left in place to allow the fluoride to attract minerals to your teeth that strengthen them, lessen sensitivity, and prevent tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

Sealants consist of a liquid dental resin, which is applied directly to the deep fissures and grooves of your rear teeth. This resin hardens into a strong barrier when exposed to ultraviolet light. This procedure typically doesn’t require any anesthesia injections and is a great option to prevent oral bacteria, acid, and food particles from harboring in the deep grooves of your teeth which will help stop the formation of cavities. With proper application, your sealants can last many years after placement and avoid other more invasive procedures.

close up of periodontal disease in a male patient

Periodontal Care

Periodontal care may be required if you have gum disease. Deep cleaning (otherwise known as scaling & root planing) is the first step where typically anesthetic is administered by Dr. Pan which will allow your hygienist to clean deep between your teeth and gums as well as smooth the roots of your teeth to eliminate bacteria.

In more extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to fight periodontal disease. Gu flap surgery involves folding the gums back and cleaning the roots of your teeth, then re-attaching the gums so that they can heal. Gum grafting may also be required in advanced cases of gum disease, to restore damaged gum tissue.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screening is an important part of every oral examination which includes the use of adjunctive x-rays and fluorescence. Dr. Pan will examine for any signs and indicators of oral cancer, such as discolored patches of tissue, lesions, bumps, and other such problems. This provides you with a peace of mind and, in the rare case we notice an issue that demands further investigation, we can refer you to get a biopsy and get the care you need right away.

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If you're planning your first visit to our office, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special and save on the preventive care you need to get started on your path to dental wellness. Our new patient special includes:

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