Dentistry and COVID-19: August 2020 Update

It has been about half a year since the beginning of the pandemic --- with most social distancing protocols in place along with limited travelling, I figure what better time to provide a “dentist covid” update!

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Is it safe to go to the dentist?

This is one of the biggest concerns that has been brought to my attention not just from my own patients but from friends, family, and the internet. For those of you who want to skip to the punch line the answer is simply --- yes!

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Call Pine Avenue Smiles Your Dental Home!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Jamieson, who have been pillars of their community for decades, entrusted their practice to Dr. Pan when they retired. Of all the dentists who made offers for their practice, they put their trust in Dr. Pan because of his integrity and commitment to dental excellence.

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$99 New Patient Special

If you're planning your first visit to our office, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special and save on the preventive care you need to get started on your path to dental wellness. Our new patient special includes:

Save on Your First Visit
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